A Parent

1. Encourage your child to explore the night sky through words by writing a poem for the AstroPoetry Contest and AstroArt Contest. They could even win a great prize!

2. Is your local astronomy club holding a Global Star Party event? Great for the whole family!

3.  Check out our Observing Challenges. There are plenty of activities that children can do without any special equipment. Ask questions and discuss them on our Facebook page and in our forum. There are plenty of astronomers there to help you out!

A Teacher

1. Get your class writing and creating! There are two fun contests about the night sky – AstroPoems and AstroArt.

2. Take part in the Asteroid Search Campaign. Apply by March 15 and your class might be selected to help discover new objects in the solar system!

3. Raise awareness of the importance of dark skies and the threat of light pollution. Get your class involved in International Dark Sky Week 2017.

An Astronomy Club

1. The Global Star Party is the big kickoff event! Plan a club event or hold one yourself. Star parties are the ultimate in community outreach. No fancy equipment needed –a small telescope or binoculars will show things people have never seen. Don't forget to register your event!

2. Are you holding an event for the Global Star Party? Do you have a Facebook page? Register to do a Facebook Live video, along with other clubs around the world. Share outreach in your country and be part of a truly global star party!

3. The Observing Challenges are a great way to bring in new people and help them get a start in astronomy. Plan an event to help newcomers with the Challenges and show them how much fun astronomy is. It’s a great way to help others, share the fun, and recruit new members!

4. Include people with disabilities in your events using these resources. One will be featured on our Facebook page every day throughout GAM. Astronomy is for everyone!

A Novice

1. Tune in to the Online Messier Marathon, a crash course in observing the wonders of the Universe. With the Virtual Telescope, Dr. Gianluca Masi is your guide as you explore the Universe. You only need an internet connection to take part.

2. Attend a Global Star Party event. Ask local astronomy clubs or observatories if they’re holding an event and check out the event list. If not, suggest that they do! Star parties are a great way to get started in astronomy. Look through telescopes and chat with those in the hobby. Astronomers love to share the fun!

3. Be a citizen scientist by taking part in Globe at Night. You’ll measure night sky brightness in your area to help determine the spread and impact of light pollution. It’s a great way to get involved in scientific research and get familiar with the night sky while you’re at it!

An Art Lover

1. Watch the Cosmic Concert, a live performance of an original production each year. The Cosmic Concert combines new music by composer/performer Giovanni Renzo with images and time-lapses of the night sky for a unique and awe-inspiring experience. Send your own astronomy artwork or images to info@giovannirenzo.it and your work may even be featured!

2. Express your feelings about astronomy by entering the AstroPoetry and AstroArt contests. You might even win one of the great prizes!

For Everyone

1. Plan an astronomy event during GAM 2017. Then, be sure to register it. Share what you’re doing with the rest of the world and be a part of the global celebration of astronomy!

2. Check out our Observing Resources and People with Disabilities Astronomy Resources to see how you might do something special for GAM 2017.

3. Share your experience with the world on Facebook and Tweet using #GAM2017 hashtag (@gam_awb).