Live with composer Giovanni Renzo on APRIL 17, 19:00 UTC
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The Cosmic Concert for GAM 2019 is a Special 10th Edition, a collection of the best moments of the past editions, presented live by the Italian pianist and composer Giovanni Renzo.

Cosmic Concert is a collection of compositions and improvisations conceived as a visual and poetic exploration of the universe. Giovanni Renzo will perform his music drawing inspiration from videos and photos made by photographers from around the world: Kathleen Horner, P.M. Heden, Kwon O Chul, Daniele Gasparri, Ruza Marija Mostarac, Gary Varney, Amateur Astronomers Selenology Project, and Babak Tafreshi. The final result will be a concert where music and astronomical videos will be mixed in a natural flow of music and spectacular images.

Renzo has a long-term fascination about the relationship between music and astronomy (such as star maps changing into scores or compositions based on the beat of the pulsar). Since 2010 he has been invited by Astronomers Without Borders to perform his works live during Global Astronomy Month. This online concert is one of the most successful events of the general program.

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Giovanni Renzo was born in Messina, Italy, in 1962. He made his debut in 1979 as a jazz pianist. He regularly plays in music venues and festivals, alternating his concerts with teaching and composition. Renzo has composed music for films, theater, ballet, opera, and multimedia performances. His first recording, “Eclisse” (1989), is a collection of piano solo compositions. Then he produced “La distanza della Luna” for piano and orchestra (1996 and 2007), “Il mare” (2001), live recording featuring Paolo Fresu, "Atlas Coelestis", book plus DVD (2008), and the piano solo albums  “Infanzia” (2008), “Racconti per pianoforte" (2010), “Live in Marsala” (2018). Renzo was quoted by the Spanish Blog "Los mejores pianistas del Mundo" as one of the world's greatest pianist, mainly for his original work about music and astronomy.

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