APRIL 1 - APRIL 30, 2019

The AstroArts Contest is now CLOSED - Thank you for participating.

Aavya Singh astroart 2018

 "Colorful Journey of a Star from a Nebula" by Aavya Singh, Second Prize winner, teen category, GAM2018

Astronomers Without Borders is proud to host the fourth AstroArts contest. Art is a fantastic way to share the excitement of astronomy. We can't wait to see what you'll submit to the contest!

The competition is open to to everyone of all ages.

There are four categories:
Young Children - ages 7 and under
Youth - ages 8-12
Teen - ages 13-17
Adults - ages 18+

Participants under the age 18 must be approved by a parent or guardian. Teachers, we encourage you to get your whole class involved!

The form of the artwork is very open, but it must be a creative piece.  AstroPhotography is not accepted. There is no specific theme.  Your artworks should be inspired by your passion for astronomy.

The artwork must be submitted digitally.  If you have created a physical piece, please submit a high quality photograph of the work, making sure it is clear and easy to see.  


Prizes vary and winners are not guaranteed a specific prize. However, we can say that Sky & Tel and Astronomy Magazine are two of our prize sponsors!

AstroArts Contest Rules

1. All entries must be submitted between April 1, 2019 and April 30, 2019 11:59 PST. Submissions received after midnight on April 30th will not be entered in the contest. No purchase necessary, and there is no fee to enter or win.

2. Artwork must be a unique piece created by the entrant.

3. For young children, some adult assistance is allowed but the concept and construction must be largely completed by the child.

4. Artwork must be a digital file:  jpg or png image files are required and cannot be more than 10MB in size. The file dimensions must be at least 3400 pixels at the widest side (scanned at 300dpi). If the submitted art work does not fit the above parameters, it will not be considered for the contest.

5. Artwork must be entered in the proper age groups: 7 and Under, 8 – 12, 13-17, 18+.

6. Entrants may provide a title and caption (50 words or less).  This is optional but may be considered in the judging process.

7. Participants under the age 18 must have a parent or guardian permission to enter the contest.  Parents must include their email address on the entry form.

Additional Contest Information

1. All submitted works are eligible for a GAM2019 participation certificate.

2. All entries will be posted to the Astronomers Without Borders GAM2019 website unless requirements are not met or are deemed inappropriate for the contest.

3. Grant of Rights: Each Entrant unconditionally transfers all rights, title, interest, claim, ideas, concepts, copyrighted materials and trademarks. Entries may be used in advertising, or any other Astronomers Without Borders publicity.

4. The organizers retain the right to use submissions digitally, in print or in exhibits, or reproduce submitted material in any other way.

5. Submissions will be judged for esthetic value and originality. 

Winners will be announced in June 2019 via email and on the Astronomers Without Borders website. If we cannot confirm acceptance within four days of sending out the email, based on the accuracy of contact information provided by you, we will choose another winner.

Thank you for participating!  Good luck!  


Prizes are generously donated by our sponsors. Prizes vary and winners are not guaranteed a specific prize.



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