APRIL 18, 2019,  15:00 UTC

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Join Astronomers Without Borders on our Facebook Live to learn innovative ways to make astronomy accessible for everyone! We will share a variety of resources, suggestions, and ideas to promote inclusion for people with disabilities in astronomy. From 3D-printed galaxies for blind users to simple outreach considerations anyone can implement, tune in to explore the world of astronomy accessibility. The webcast will be hosted by Anna Voelker, Director of the SciAccess Conference and will feature special guest Tia Bertz, an undergraduate student working with the IDATA project.


Anna Voelker is the Astronomy Accessibility Program Coordinator at The Ohio State University and the Chair of the Astronomers Without Borders Accessibility and Inclusion Working Group. She is the Director of SciAccess, a science accessibility conference which will be take place at OSU on June 28 and 29. SciAccess is dedicated to promoting disability inclusion and diversity in STEAM. For more information, please visit SciAccess.org.

Previously, Anna was a visiting fellow at the International Astronomical Union's Office of Astronomy for Development, headquartered at the South African Astronomical Observatory. She is also a Brooke Owens Fellow and has worked at a variety of space science institutions, including NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Kennedy Space Center, the Space Telescope Science Institute, and the Aerospace Corporation.

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