Report by Catalina Movileanu

For the "Match Under Starlight" project, the “Angela Gheorghiu”  School from Adjud, Vrancea, in collaboration with UNAWE Romania, organized on July 7th a football game to celebrate the July solar eclipse, world peace and the FIFA World Cup 2010. The event involved 23 children with ages between 5 and 9, currently attending the Summer School program in Adjud.


The day started with a short introduction about all the countries participating in the project, continued with a debate for choosing the team names and a short handmade workshop where children had the chance to personalize their own t-shirts. During the football game, both teams (Andromeda and Pegasus) wore white T-shirts symbolizing the peace between participating countries. At the end, all children were awarded with a “Stellar Football player” diploma for their enthusiasm and team spirit.



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