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This month, I can not stop publishing the blog and Sky Observers, the interesting themes:

The Sky in July 2011.
Preview: This month is still visible in the sky night the planet Saturn, displaying his majestic ring and his entourage of  moons, although other planets can be viewed in the early morning hours.

The sunlight Occultation of Mars in 2011.
Preview: Even if it is observable only a small part of South America (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay,  Ecuador and Peru), so even under intense sunlight, is ideal observers in these regions seek the observational record.

History of astronomy - "The plurality of Inhabited Worlds".
Preview: The text of the astronomer Travnik Nelson (Americana and Piracicaba Observatories - Brasil), addresses the 19th century France, where Camille Flammarion in his work: "The plurality of Inhabited Worlds" and treated by Josep Urbain Leverrier (Mathematician discoverer of the planet Neptune) of "Poet".

Observational Campaign "Meteoros de la LIADA
Preview: Observational Project campaign observational meteor of LIADA (Iberoamericana Astronomical League).

If you want, we posted a song you hear while doing this reading.

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