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In August, this circulating in the Sky Blog Observers and the following issue:

The Sky in the month - August 2011.
Synopsis: Saturn is still in good visibility on the celestial sphere, even with its decline has occurred on first quarter of the night.

The Opposition of Neptune in 2011.
Synopsis: We are close to their opposition will occur on May 22.

The Asteroids (4) Vesta, (48) Doris, and 27 (Euterpe)
Synopsis: Although (4) Vesta is receiving the visit of the Dawn spacecraft, their observations are very welcome to monitor the range of data to be received in the future. Since (48) Doris, 27 Euterpe, will require excellent observer searches the sky.

Meteors - Observational Guide link:

Synopsis: Follows the publications this month an exceptional "Meteor Observational Guide" directed by astronomer Pavel Espinoza Balderas, which is the general coordinator of the Sección de Meteors od the LIADA (Ibero-American Astronomy League),  ABA (Asociación Boliviana de Astronomía) and OAN (Observatorio Astronómico Nacional) of Tarija - Bolivia.

Observational Campaign de la Sección Meteors of the LIADA
Synopsis: Observational Project campaign observational meteor Ibero-American Astronomy League for the August.

If you want, we posted a song you hear while doing this reading.

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