Antonio Rosa Campos
CEAMIG - REA / Brazil - AWB

On 28 July next, the asteroid (9) Metis will be at their closest approach to Earth, when it will reach magnitude 9.6, therefore already within the limits of observable magnitudes of small optical instruments, binoculars, spotting scopes and telescopes. The table below shows their anniversaries and search a map of the sky, aiming for its location in the coming days.

Note: = (AU) * Astronomical Unit. Unit of distance equal to 149,600 x 106m. It was agreed to define the astronomical unit of distance, becoming a reference length as the semi-major axis would have the orbit of a planet ideal m = 0, undisturbed, and whose period of revolution was equal to the Earth.

As shown by their number in order of discovery, Metis was discovered on April 26, 1848 by Irish astronomer Andrew Graham (1815-1848) Markree Observatory. Its name is a reference to Metis, the first wife of Zeus (Jupiter), a sorceress who offered him a magic potion that Cronos, but drinking, forced her to return her children. (Mourão, 1987).

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