Saturn for All and Lunar Week Star Party in Erbil

We were waiting for a long time for a clear sky and the time is come.
On April, 20.2010 star party makers of AAAK are gathered together to make another star party, but this time through (GAM's Lunar Week). The party begins at 06:15 pm local time (15:15 UT) before sun setting behind layer of Cirrus clouds which they were generous enough to let the people looking at the Moon through it. Venus was there shining very brightly and it was the first target to observing. As always, the lunar surfaces with its terrain are taking hearts and every one enjoyed to looking at very close. We turn or main telescope (8" MEADE LX 200) toward Mars, it was very little tiny reddish ball. The magnification power of the telescope let the people looking at the red planet as a red ball not just like a red spot. And then our dear guest appeared with its rings, Saturn, the most things charming us all, at that time the whole clouds disappeared from the night sky and let Saturn shining brighter. With a 5mm eyepiece Saturn was very wonderful target to let people looking at several times!

Report and photo: Azhy Hasan









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