Avivah Yamani


Blogging.. yai I'm blogging again. Well quiet busy for a moment to setup my weblog new lay out and working on its mobile website. You can check it here ;). Also I'm on deadline for our next edition of astronomy magazine. But still.. I have some time to spent with my friends to hang out at the mall nearby. Hmm.. crazy huh?

Why I like to hang out? refreshing my mind of course but more than that, I love to take my camera around and try to capture celestial object that I could see at the place. Why? Because it will get attention from people nearby to ask and we can share the moment with a short session of astronomy.  Hey.. I love sidewalk astronomy ...

But then again.. we can't hold any events because there still rain out there. hope for the dry seasons to come soon. *cross finger mode: ON*.

This time I will share the moment I had last week with my friend.  When the sun set, I try to capture the moon and also venus over the mall. That's the time when people start to ask what is the bright dot. And when I told them about venus, well the question start to flow. Interesting question from family who came to spent their evening. I also try to show how to recognize stars with my starwalk. and shares about stellarium with people. really fun.. at least I had some fun and I can refresh my mind to start with my web site.

here are some pictures. Since I'm not a pro photographer or astrophotographer.. I still struggle on how to capture a bright moon like that and how to make my hand not shaking while I took sky objects.. hehehe.. but just enjoy. the last pictures in here is a venus over a mosque. :)



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