Before, during and after GAM 2010, the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM) presented, in a number of Romanian areas (Targoviste, Gorj County, Iasi, Sighet, Cluj County, Bucharest etc.), a rich diversity of public and observational events—including Earth Hour, Solar Week, Saturn Watch, Lunar Week, Star Peace, Lyrid Watch, Earth Day, and Astronomy Day, plus sidewalk star parties and public-education efforts in the fight against light pollution. Other April presentations by SARM included the GAM astropoetry reading and exhibition at the Admiral Vasile Urseanu Municipal Observatory in Bucharest, and SARM’s national contest and international exhibition of astrophotography in Targoviste.
A sentimental mirror of these activities (plus an abundance of beautiful contributions from all continents) can be found in the web-based, book-length GAM global program made by SARM and Friends, “Astropoetry to the Global Astronomy Month 2010,” at:


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