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Last night was a long ago programmed belgian Night of Darkness, to bring awareness of the Light Pollution to the public.
As it happened at the same time as "Beauty Without Borders", it was easy to combine both events.
This time, they took place saturday 16 in Brussels, capital of Belgium at a park, called the Red Cloister at Auderghem.

One thing we needed, was a clear sky.....Well, we got it before the visitors would leave the place! We had conferences about the light pollution issue, two of my club were giving astronomy lectures on astronomy and my "Beast", the 12 inch Orion SkyQuest Dobson telescope served its purpose !!! We saw not only the Moon, but especially Jupiter and its moons , Ganymede casting a shadow on Jupiter's surface. The whole Night of Darkness  event lasted from 17:00 till 0:30 and right inside Brussels (we couldn't see the Comet, though).
There were other animations like a choral playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, players with lighted frisbees, etc...
This was my third Night of Darkness and the most successful one (we were lucky as other places, especially east of Brussels were clouded up).


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