1st successful test for a "Mobile Exhibition Project" (MEP)

Amateur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan (AAAK) launched a "Mobile Exhibition Project" (MEP), it is main target will be give a chance to students to looking and learn much more about astronomy and universe through most wonderful selected Astro photos about - History of astronomy, modern astronomy equipments, galaxies, nebulas, the solar system and planets, most wonderful AAAK activities shots, AAAK honorary members around the world, AAAK's activities with Astronomers Without Borders and Sidewalk Astronomers.

Beside knowledge, this project will encourage students specially to involve in astronomy. This event was specially made for Faker Mergasuri Private High School students on April, 21.2010 for the first time and then it will be transferred for another school in and outside Erbil city. The exhibition was very special event in that school as they said and requesting us to keep going and sure updating it with new photos.

Report and photo: Azhy Hasan



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