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Observing in Belguim


On september 22 2012, I went to Dinant (from Namur, following the Meuse beautiful valley) whe re the Cercle Astronomique Mosan (CAM) held its International Observe the Moon Night. The CAM has an observatory and they aimed their big refractor to the Moon and the image was shown on a TV screen for details. The Moon was never high in the sky, so there was lots of turbulence.


A dozen of visitors came and enjoyed the scenery, our telescopes, a setup to show why peakes can form long shadows and a bucket with sand to show what happens when a meteoroid hits its surface.


We winked at the Moon to honour Neil Armstrong.


After a little more than an hour, haze covered the sky and even the Moon disappeared.


We nevertheless could show the Moon, with help of Jean-Pol and the two Alberts !








Good atmosphere, nice area and great friends! An enjoyful Saturday.



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