Avivah Yamani


September 18, 2010, although we were in 2 weeks holiday for Eid Mubarak, langitselatan decide to hold a gathering session for InOMN (International Observe of Moon Night) and this gathering was also meant as "silaturahmi" session. In Indonesia, during Eid Mubarak, we had "silaturhami" custom. This is a custom of family gathering in Indonesia during Eid Mubarak and also during Christmas. But because Christmas is only a short holiday, most people in Indonesia use Eid Mubarak holiday to have this custom.

So, our group decide to have this gathering session as a family in astronomy too. It start with a regular meeting of LS crew to talk about our activities and plan for a year ahead. We also talk about the Moon and Culture program along with our project with the Stars of Asia program. We will publish a local book of starlore after the Stars of Asia international books published.

After the meeting we went to CiWalk mall and met some member who already came and we had discussion about astronomy and also had dinner before the observation session. After dinner we went out to the skywalk path to have moon observation. At that time we decide to bring small telescope and several binoculars because of bad weather. Although the sky was cloudy at first and so hazy we could watch the moon. When we started the observation session some members arrive and join us. But because there are new people we start another session of introduction. after that observation start... while some others still discuss many things about astronomy. Other than Moon the community could observe Jupiter too.

Unfortunately I forgot to take group pictures. so just enjoy these pictures.



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