Here in our city we had the sky with clouds and wasn't possible to see the Moon. We organized a video-conference in honor of prof. Marcomede Rangel Nunes. We used the Astronomers without Borders Adobe system. Thanks Mike and Paul!!!

Was an unforgettable experience. We had participants from 3 countries and from many Brazilian States. Many people and groups participated only for few minutes and many participated for more time. I made the registration of a part of the participants (I apologize to the other participants, but I only made the registration few minutes before we finished the video-conference. Was my mistake. But we would like to thanks everybody that participated even for few minutes):
- Suzana (wife of prof. Marcomede) and Marco Donado (son of prof. Marcomede) - Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
- Team of the Louis Cruls Astronomy Club (me, Eponine, João Batista and Carlos Augusto) - Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ, Brasil
- Joan Chamberlain - USA
- Marcelo Mojica - Bolívia
- Noeli - Magé, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
- Bosco - Belém, Pará, Brasil
- Cláudio - South Region of Rio de Janeiro State, Brasil
- Zamperini - Espírito Santo, Brasil
The Observatory of Campinas ( a city of Sâo Paulo State) organized and activity coordinated by Julio Lobo at the same time we were doing the video-conference. They didn't have access to internet and we talked by mobile phone. They organized one minute of silence in honor of prof. Marcomede. We did the same during the video-conference.
For us was a special moment.
In October (end of the month) will be inaugurated in our city the Observatory Marcomede Rangel Nunes.   

- Marcelo de Oliveira Souza (AWB NC for Brazil)


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