Broadcast the moon about 40 mins after local moonrise, as soon as it got above the mountains and clouds.  Had massive gales and rain and long blue clear patches, a cold snap, and had to cancel outdoor events. All good though, built new relationships and strengthened older ones,  had extensive communications with our astro communities here, many positive responses, although some big gaps of nothing still!

Webcast on and off live for first 4 hours, broadcast recorded moon for another 4hrs because massive cloud, and also shared Australian stream for a few hours. Managed to webcast the last of our visible moon before it set behind a cloud bank. Had some interesting chats with moon-bouncers (astro/radio Hams/Techs like me)

Was a great exchange with several NZ and Australian events, with visits and exchanges from several other countries, incl USA, Canada, Brazil, Nicaragua.   Made an awful lot of video, broadcast and recorded online transmissions, and some stills and screen grabs.   Had several phone calls, text messages, and lots of facebook interaction. Twitter failed me. Will jump in there before I sleep and check again.   Ustream is improved, mallincamp service is excellent.  Re-streaming is fine, I used several methods, both direct in computer, and including projecting on the ceiling and relaying that via camera.  That was great to share back to Victoria (Australia) so they could see the round trip that the video made, and still functioned well.

Adobe connect  is running at 21:00 UT to 24:00 UT by Marcelo in Brazil, tested that ok. Will try and wake up and attend closing event.

A huge thank you to Jim for bringing the Australians and Me together!!!

Paul Moss (Astronomy Aotearoa)


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