The Pacific Astronomy and Telescope Show (PATS) in Pasadena, California, USA is the premier astronomy showcase program on the west coast of the United States, attended by manufacturers, dealers and more. Astronomers Without Borders was there with a booth in a large exhibition of images from The World at Night .

To celebrate InOMN, the Astronomy Outreach Foundation, a new astronomy industry group created to increase interest in amateur astronomy, held a public Moon Party.  With many of the astronomy industry leaders taking part we thought you might want to join the fun.  AWB recorded the event, with AWB President Mike Simmons hosting and interviewing some of the VIPs and the public visitors.

The program includes interviews with Sky and Telescope editor-in-chief Bob Naeye, the presidents of Vixen, Stellarvue and Explore Scientific, Galileo Galilee (using a modern telescope!) and a mix of visitors.

Be sure to watch both parts!


InOMN at PATS, Part 1, with Galileo (who looks a lot like Vic Maris, President of Stellarvue); Briand Dies, President of Vixen; and Penny Distasio of OPT; all representing the new Astronomy Outreach Foundation


InOMN at PATS, Part 2, with Bob Naeye, Editor-in-Chief of Sky and Telescope magazine; a visiting amateur astronomer from Mexico City; AWB Board Member Scott Roberts, President of Explore Scientific; and a special guest appearance by Chester the Cocker Spaniel


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