Saturday april 24th, at Fernelmont , Belgium (about 30 km from Namur), we were 3 astronomy clubs to show the heavens to the public: Astronamur (Namur), Astrovega (Gembloux) and CAO (Ottignies) .
The weather was perfect! We saw the Moon and Venus appeared right after sunset ; we saw M45 too, Mars with M44, and especially Saturn! And a big WOW for M13 !
It was a great sphere among club members with quite expensive devices right next to each other at the parking lot which had turned off lights for the event!
I brought my Dobson Orion SkyQuest 12 inches (first time out of the garden, about 100 km away) and it was very successful !!

Report by: Raoul Lannoy




More photos can be seen here.


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