Asociación de Niños Indagadores del cosmos, Bogota Colombia organized third GEOSTAR Party 2010

After 100 hours astronomy, came to this special month our third ANIC GEOSTAR PARTY 2010, in union with GLOBAL ASTRONOMY MONTH, organized by astronomers without borders, with the central slogan One People, One Sky, and in Colombia with the child's month, 30 days full of many adventures, which involved many small and large with a single objective: "to open the window to the soul of the universe".
This is a compilation of the activities that took place in our third festival of the stars and the earth; we divide our activities in six large windows where visitors discover the understanding of more complex problems of the universe, to provide ourselves the necessary tools to understand our own inner cosmos.

We opened the window to life. 5 to 9 April.
In this first stage, we discover the mysteries of our origins, such as Stardust became life and consciousness, to that end, we conducted workshops all attendees materialized, read the "books" of the earth's crust, rocks and fossils, some visited our small geological museum, but for others who could not, did not stop, because we carry a piece of that place at different parts of our city.
We conducted a series of conferences which showed that "water comes from the fire" but most of all it creates an awareness of our future and the responsibility we have in front of him.

We opened the window to the sun. April 12 to 14
Although by this time the climate in Colombia is very rainy, did not prevent that we study. the star that gave us life, conferences and workshops, when the sky was clear we observe with a telescope, but mostly it that gives us everything we need and unfortunately we looked for other ways to cause destruction and pollution to our own lives, we forget the most essential, we must learn from the wisdom of the plants, to use all their energy to generating development in communion with nature.

We opened the window to the stars and planets 19 to 20 April
Awoke great curiosity to open it, with various activities stimulated the level of children's imagination to paint the stars with their colors and characteristics that they themselves are capable of creating.
Through night observation, the children recognized the constellations, location and names of old have been given; But the best way to incorporate them into your own life is to invent forms of objects or beings that belong to its own universe, Thus, the constellation Ursa Major, is for them "The constellation of the spoon" and Orion its language is “bowtie Clown”, Following the spatial recognition of each of the constellations and planets children are able to reproduce them in his “celestial daily”. Observation with telescopes and simple view of Venus and Saturn.

We opened the window to the Earth and the moon 21 to 23 April.
We found a small and fragile blue world, to the darkness of the universe, but thanks to that particle, we can enter every day in this vast darkness, and what better than giving a gift, but more than a gift to our planet, is a gift for ourselves, conducted a campaign of afforestation with children, sow life and oxygen.
We found our Sister Moon; we understand that without it the Earth would not have life, as it protects us and gives us a different show every night.

We opened the window to the Galaxy 25 to 28 April.
The space houses, a workshop where we understood our place in the universe, inheritance of thirteen thousand seven hundred million years of cosmic evolution, understand the varieties of forms, how humanity christened our home galaxy, but above all, be aware to clean our skies and stripping it of so much light that blinds the stars.

We opened the window the soul 29 to 30 April.

A window where we discover souls more wounded by our society, some beings who encountered many difficulties that led them to get lost in a hostile world, some children who chose life circumstances, opted for a path difficult, but have a great light that we all lit up at this stage.
There is an adage that says "in war and love anything goes" I would change "in education as an act of love, anything goes" and ANIC what wanted to do with these little geniuses, of “Fundación niños de los Andes” who are picked for being on the streets, are by the same Society that mistreats, it says the slogan of the Global astronomy month “ONE PEOPLE, ONE SKY”, captivate with the cosmos that surrounds them, From the life experience of each child, of their everyday concerns by natural phenomena that surround it, is put at the heart of learning the "desire to learn."

Report by Leonardo Delgado (ANIC Director)

























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