Fastest and most sudden sidewalk event of AAAK

Location: In front of Hawler High School 
Date: Tuesday - April, 13. 2010
Time: 04:30 AM – 05:10 PM local time.

By: Azhy Hasan / April, 14.2010
Photos by: Aso Abdulrazzaq  

Thank God! Finally the weather changed before sunset by 1.5 hours from patches of clouds and dust to clear sky, the PST Coronado telescope was there waiting for an action, we take it outside the AAAK's office and put it in an open square in front of Hawler High School. It was a golden chance to let too many of students to looking at the Alpha-Hydrogen Sun activity for the first time in their life!
According to Space Weather, there was a massive prominence erupted from the sun's northwestern limb, but we couldn't see it clearly due to the sun to setting behind dusty horizon and buildings in the west of Erbil city.
Any way, there was a lot of fun and knowledge about the Sun and its activities before it setting on that day.





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