On April 30th 2010 was my rescheduled date for the Global Star Party. It started out cloudy when people started arriving so we discussed AWB and general Astronomy. Then one at a time Venus came into view along with the rest of the night sky. We viewed Venus then Mars and M44 the Beehive Cluster, at that time the ISS flew over head and many questions were asked. We finally went on to Saturn, I started off with a low power lens so it could stay into view longer and let everyone look.
Then I changed the 20mm lens out for a 6mm lens and let everyone see the power of the telescope. everyone was in Awe of our ringed planet and counted 4 moons incased around it. Unfortunately a half hour after everyone left the moon rose from the South East. A total of 10 people showed up for this event.

This was my first successful Star Party, on every other Event held during GAM it was either raining , snowing or cloudy.

Report by Michael Uberty.







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