Avivah Yamani


What is the purpose of building astronomy awareness ? To whom we should build this awareness. We always said it's for everyone and we also hoped they could enjoy astronomy and the night sky. But do we really share astronomy to all people?

I usually did my events with students in a public schools or private schools, or share astronomy with orphan or in a village. But almost 2 weeks ago (July14th), when I took my telescope outside and try to capture the night sky with my camera, I met a servant from house nearby.

I observed in the street in front of his house, and he came to me and start to ask so many things about moon, sun and then..about solar eclipse, moon eclipse, moon halo, planet, and extraterrestrial life. I'm amazed by his knowledge. Why?

Here, people who works as a maid, servant... are considered to be uneducated people. Most of them only finished their elementary school and never  get chance to enter high school. So the way he ask and explain his knowledge and opinion was very different. When I asked him how he knows so many things like that. He answered me that he got it by reading.  Knowledge came from everywhere and "people who need" astronomy explanation sometime so close with us. But we often forgot this people. Our own neighbor and their family member including their helper.

That night end up by explaining how an eclipse occur and talk about titan and extraterrestrial life. and it was the most interesting night I had from my random activities around the neighborhood.

Then.. he also asked me what he could see through telescope? So I gave him a chance to look through my you are galileo telescope and watch the Moon, Venus and Regulus. And after that, he also ask me to show him the constellation. So we try to spot centaurs and crux. Fun.. he also show it to his 1 or 2 years old girl.  I also give him a short explanation about skymap through my StarWalk and show him "the look of the constellation in Greek myth".

But.. then he ask me .. do we had our own myth about constellation? Oh wow... nice question and then we talk a little bit about crux as a kite constellation in here and several other story related to Indonesia folk lore. well.. after that I'm to hungry to talk and the little girl need her  sleep so I went back home.

here are the picture. and you can see the street light is so bright!. but still I can see some constellation with naked eye. :)



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