Avivah Yamani


Today... when I went back home, the sky was cloudy but I could see the sun behind trees. So I try to catch it with my camera. While I set up my camera on a tripod, my neighbors came around and started to ask me what am I doing?

I was quiet surprise since in the neighborhood I live in, people barely know each other or have close relation ship. Something I don't really like from living in a big city. But well.. this was a start. So we talked about sun and then solar system. They were surprised with the beauty of the sky and lucky me no one asking about the planetary alignment hoax that spreading on the web today. Then we have a short discussion and it was exciting.

Since I didn't bring any telescope with me, I give them a chance to watch the sun through solar filter aka sun glasses that I brought with me. And they were exciting and said "this was probably once of a lifetime chance for them" to watch solar disk like that.

This afternoon was by chance was an unforgettable moment. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of me with my neighbors but here are my pictures that I took this evening.




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