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On sunday april 12, I mailed friends froml 4 different astronomy clubs in Wallonia and Brussels to observe the Sun from a parking place in Gembloux (that way, no need  for authorization, room enough and well located. It lasted from 13:30 till 16:15  (I got a sunburn) and we had 2 PSTs and one telescope with a fillter.

I managed to have people from those 4 clubs (and their children) who often diddn't know each other (Astrovega, Astronamur, CAO and Latitude 5050).

The sun wasn't as spectacular as a week later, but it sure was a discovery for those who never saw the sun that way, before.

Not many people but still, a last minute event could still be organized ! Quite satisfactory !


The sun from the 3 Cles


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