On the 27th of March 2018, at the Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Astroclubul Bucuresti (Bucharest Astroclub) organized a guided tour, an astronomy presentation and solar observations for a group of 30 children from a school in Bucharest, Romania.

The guided tour of the Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy was done by its representative, Sorin Marin.

The astronomical presentation and solar observations were conducted by members of Astroclubul Bucuresti (Bucharest Astroclub), prof. Daniel Bertesteanu and Marian Naiman.

The presentation consisted of a journey through the Universe, using an astronomy software. The children were also shown the constellations in the night sky and basic stellar characteristics (magnitudes, distances, colors, celestial coordinates).Astronomy Presentation in Bucharest Romania


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    Astroclubul Bucuresti is an amateur astronomer association in Romania. The association is continuing the tradition of amateur astronomy in Romania, which started in 1907 with the founding of the first “Romanian Astronomical Society". We are amateur astronomers mainly from Bucharest but we also have members in Melbourne (Australia), Auckland (New Zeeland), Cambridge (UK), Paris (France), Silistra (Bulgaria), Canary Islands (Spain). The main interests of our organization are visual observations, astrophotography, variable star observations, spectroscopy, outreach in schools and popularizing astronomy to the general public and organizing lectures and astronomy training courses. Astroclubul Bucuresti also regularly cooperates with the Astronomical Institute...


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