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What is Malaysia Astronomy all about?
In the middle of an empty space through the time, birth Malaysia Astronomy (M.A) is an information hub for astronomers in Malaysia operates as non-profit through an online community platform by sharing the same niche interest about astronomy in all 14 states under the horizon of Malaysia land, and we facilitate astronomy education through our activities virtually in Malaysia.
We share star gazing & planetary photos from our star gazers (astronomers) contributors all over 14 states in Malaysia that they grabs their precious moments from the stars, planets, and some even have an experienced in extraterrestrial story and self experienced to be shared. We believe with this objective, astronomers in Malaysia have an extra miles not to be fear of what you’ve witness alone out there, we knew someone out there across had the same experienced as you do. Fear is nothing much but an improvement of your future. In fact, star gazing and astronomy journey is an amazing interest which not every human beings on earth interest in. This what make us special here.  
Today, Astronomy interest groups and events are still thriving in Malaysia, but not everyone who’s just starting out knows where and how to search, explore the unknown universe, the journey beyond the planet earth experience.  Whether your interests lie in star, moon watching, telescopes, astrophysics, planetary science, satellite engineering, or extraterrestrial journey we strive to be the one-stop hub for all things Astronomy in Malaysia. We love to hear from you.
Who are we? Behind the team? 
Malaysia Astronomy is a not-for-profit initiative managed by a team of volunteers, contributors with the objective of promoting Astronomy in Malaysia through online social networking and technology innovative via online streaming every month to view full moon, planets, stars and the universe virtually. Our team were born when astronomers started came in and created their astronomers profile. We have our same interest, same mind, same destiny, and the same hobby on planet earth looking and searching for something yet discover by the mankind history or to solve an amazing extraterrestrial puzzles they’ve been separated since the ancient time long ago and only 0.01% of mankind population on earth had explored in every countries.  
As a kick start, our brain birth like a big bang and start to code the (M.A) portal of Malaysia Astronomy and form the amazing portal for all astronomers in Malaysia to be connected through each other and share what’s all about happening to them in this astro / astral journey.
To keep our team gaze to the unknown possibilities of our entire universe, in a little space we call planet earth, we do welcome sponsors to keep our space journey line up the orbits of Malaysia. Interested in joining our Malaysia Astronomy team? Drop us an email of yourself and astronomy experience to [email protected]  


Location:Georgetown, Penang

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