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Saros Astronomical Electronic Magazine was launched by a group of members of the Astronomical Society of Urmia in March 2014. Now, after only a few numbers of its release, people from cities and communities across the country are members of the editorial Soros. Saros is a magazine about the space science and hobby of astronomy based in Tehran. Saros’s readers include those interested in astronomy, and those who want to know about sky events, space exploration, astrophotography, and amateur astronomy in general.

In 2016, Saros E-Magazine has selected as award-winning Science Populizer of The Year in Iran. The award is presented to a group of young people's promoter for the development and promotion of new pathways experience in science, especially in astronomy and space science. Saros Science Popularization Team has been changing the face of science and astronomy awareness, education and innovation in Iran through path-breaking concepts, services, and programs. Saros team are constantly striving to use outreach programs to foster scientific temperament in society, especially among the youth who are the harbingers of our future.


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