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The Dubai Astronomy Group (DAG) was founded in the year 2000 to encourage and promote the study of Astronomy and its related fields in the Middle East region and beyond. Since its inception the group has grown in size and stature.

In its current capacity, as consultant and specialist i its field, the Dubai Astronomy Group enjoys a variety of relationships at senior government and private sector’s levels. The Group is involved in a number of high profile infrastructure and future tourism projects.

The Aims of the Group:

  • To promote astronomy in the Middle East region and the world
  • To support and encourage new talents in astronomy
  • To discover, promote and archive Arab/Islamic astronomical heritage
  • To participate locally and internationally in astronomical activities
  • To represent UAE astronomy nationally and internationally
  • To support education and knowledge through events and our library
  • To provide access to practical astronomy at our observing facilities
  • To champion an open, global astronomy community

Education and Awareness:

  • DAG promotes the study of astronomy and its related fields by means of:
  • Astronomical events; outdoor observations according to the astronomy calendar
  • Educational activities; lectures, conferences, talks and exhibitions
  • A comprehensive online library
  • Active social media platform
  • Private observing sites

Group Strengthens:

With over 6000 online subscribers, DAG members are represented from all walks of life. The monthly observing sessions are an excellent way to meet new people and get most from Astronomy. DAG facilitates and strengthens the interactions among its members’ through forums and social media. DAG also provides excellent outreach communication for the international members. DAG supports its members in the development of their personal education, knowledge and professional skills.

DAG have invested in Education – Astronomy Club in School initiative in 2006 till now, 7 schools are actively participated and visioning astronomy clubs network on global scale. The group actively encourages new talents with a passion for astronomy and its related fields. DAG activities inspire and lead many to careers in science. DAG mentors and supports the next generation of astronomers.


Full individual membership to the group is available to anyone who has an interest in astronomy. Current members include both professional, amateur and entry level astronomers based in the UAE and GCC countries. Membership derives a variety of benefits including; member only events, specialist courses, discounts and much more. 


Location:Dubai, Dubai
United Arab Emirates (the)

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