On Wednesday, April 28, 19.00 U.T., you can enjoy an online “Cosmic Concert”— a live piano solo performance organized in celebration of Global Astronomy Month (GAM2010).  This unforgettable musical experience is composed by Giovanni Renzo and takes inspiration from astronomical events such as pulsars, black holes and transformation of star maps into musical score.  Accompanying the music are videos by Valentina Romeo and Gianluca Masi.

This work by Giovanni Renzo is published in a book plus DVD entitled “Atlas Coelestis.”
Composer Giovanni Renzo was born in Messina, Italy, in 1962.  He graduated from the Conservatorio “Corelli” of his hometown in 1986, continuing his musical education in Rome.  He made his debut in 1979 as a jazz pianist.  In 1994 he founded and directed the Messina Jazz Orchestra.  He regularly plays in concerts and festivals in tour around Italy, alternating his concerts with teaching and composition.
Renzo has composed the music for more than twenty theatrical performances.  He won the Special Mention at the International Film Music Contest “Mario Nascimbene Award 2006.”  His first recording, “Eclisse” (1989), is a collection of piano solo compositions.  Then he produced “La distanza della Luna” (two editions, 1996 and 2007), “Il mare” (2001), live recording featuring Paolo Fresu and “Suono e ritmo quintet,” and “Infanzia” (2008), again piano solo.

Cosmic Concert is an online free event. It will be live streamed at: http://www.livestream.com/giovannirenzowebtv

Join us on April 28, starting at 19.00 Universal Time.