Global Projects bring a single event to the whole world at once. Planning is underway for the following Global Projects, with details of each to be announced soon. More Global Projects could be announced soon as well.

Global Star Party
Get your telescopes and binoculars ready! All eyes on the skies! One big Global Star Party. See the 100 Hours of Astronomy 24-Hour Global Star Party and the Galleries to get an idea what to expect.

Remote Observing Events
Do you want to see something you've never seen in the northern or southern skies? Is there cloudy weather in your area? Do you want to meet and observe with others around the world during an online observing event? The great success of past AWB remote observing events has led to plans to do much more in GAM. Join us for an unforgettable experience right from your home as a telescope turns it eye toward the sky!

One Star at a Time – Reclaim the Starry Night Sky
Light pollution is a major problem and the problem is rapidly growing. A new dark sky awareness program will be launched during GAM, with a global call to action.

Lunar Star Party
A global star party to observe the Earth’s companion – our Moon.

Living Legend Presentation Series
A series of live online streaming events featuring living legends in astronomy and space science. With real-time interaction, the public will have to opportunity to interact with these legends.

Solar SunDay
A day to rediscover our star – the Sun – and share it with others. Solar observations, workshops and more. A repeat of the popular SunDay of 100 Hours of Astronomy.

Does your organization want to partner to create a special global project focusing on your field during GAM? Write to us.

Would your company or organization like to sponsor a special Global Project? Reach targeted audiences with high-profile events on the global stage. New project ideas are welcome. Contact Chair Mike Simmons.