The entire month of April 2010 will be dedicated astronomy programs of all kinds. There will be events of all kinds - star parties, remote observing, online video lectures, workshops, sidewalk astronomy and more - truly something for everyone!

GAM will be organizing global projects and partnering with others for more. Global projects invite the world to participate in special programs. Around the World in 80 Telescopes, the 24-Hour Global Star Party and SunDay during 100 Hours of Astronomy are examples but this time there will be even more. Watch these pages for new programs.

For events of all kinds, see the Events menu to the left. Check the calendar or search for events near you or online with Find Events. Add your own event to the GAM calendar and listings so others can find it with Register Events.

Ideas come from around the world. Do you need an idea for your own programs? Check out our Program Ideas page. More ideas will be added all the way through April while GAM is taking place. Do you have an great idea for an activity to share with others? Write to us.

To propose a GAM project, contact the GAM Physical Events Working Group.

To partner on a special global project or propose a new global project contact GAM Chair Mike Simmons.