Logos and Banners

Help spread the word! Please feel free to use the GAM logo and banners below on your web site and in other materials. These graphics should be used without modification, except for changes in size and file format as needed, without permission. If you need something not offered below or have any questions about the use of these graphics please contact us.

The logos on this page are in English. Other languages are available here.



Download the Global Astronomy Month logo to use on your web site, blog, newsletter, event flyer - wherever you want.


Small GAM logo in PNG format with transparent background, for use on any background, recommended (200x200, 26.0 KB)

All logo formats and sizes:

Small JPEG (black background) (200x200, 9.4 KB)

Large JPEG (black background) (1111x1111, 340.5 KB)

Full-size TIF (black background) (3334x3334, 31.8 MB)

Small PNG (transparent background) (200x200), 26.0 KB)

Large PNG (transparent background) (800x800, 111.2 KB)

EPS (1255x1188, 1.3 MB)

AI (Adobe Illustrator) (236.5 KB)

AI outlined (Adobe Illustrator) (202.7 KB)



GAM banner1
Horizontal (640x100, 25.5 KB), shown half-size


GAM banner2
Vertical (200x250, 14.2 KB)


GAM banner3
Vertical, alternative style (200x300, 34.5 KB)