GAM 2019 Blog

by ClayTom Santos

Hello! I am Clayton, the founder of the Gunstar Team. Today, we are known as the cultural institute, " Astronomy Gunstar," the first and most traditional astronomy club in Goias, Brazil, with differences that set us apart from all other groups or clubs. We also act in ecological preservation and solidarity jointly with numerous other partner organizations.

We are happy to participate in GAM2019, Spirit of Apollo, which is our 8th year of participation in this annual event. Gunstar shares stories of adventure and friendship, as many people had the opportunity to observe the stars for the first time. With great pride, we report 55,000 people have observed the starts with us, free of charge.

Our mission is simply to talk to the world about the passion we have for the heavens.  Astronomers Without Borders made that possible and through them we made friends with others who share the same passion on the planet.


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