On Wednesday, 15 next June, many observers in the world will be covered over a total eclipse of the moon This time me and my friends Breno Campos, João Marcos, João Batista F. Nunes  and Ricardo José Vaz  Tolentino (Tolentino Vaz Lunar Observatory), we have the opportunity to register in all the main features of eclipse.

Below (Table. 1) , I present the key features the outline of the eclipse which was brilliantly performed by João Batista Nunes.


So that all may know, I give the forecast of Immersion and Emersion of craters that was held too by João Batista F. Nunes.

We will be very happy to receive their observational records, that we may also know her work at the time of gradiose shows.

You may be aware of this planning observational CEAMIG visiting the sites and also the VTOL.

Clear skies and good comments!


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