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Ayaz is one of the Astronomical Societies in Iran that is centered in Tabriz. In Azerbaijanian Turkish, Ayaz means cold moonlit night.

Ayaz Astronomical Society Was established in 2005, by one of the medalists of Astronomy Olympiad Mr. Mahabati, the principal of Azerbaijan Student Research Center Mr. Shafigh and with the support of the Deputy Director of Education Mrs. Jalilzadeh.

The main aim of this group is to improve the enthusiasts’ knowledge about this science and promote astronomy science in Tabriz city.
The followings are this society’s acrivities:

? Improving the knowledge of Ayaz members
? Holding educational classes
? Holding observing nights
? Various educational workshops
? Specialized courses
? Publishing Ayaz Issue
? Holding astronomical competition and hosting national competitions
? Holding public programs such as:

• International Astronomy Day
• Yalda Night (winter solstice)
• National conferences
• Yuri’s Night
• Star Peace
• Astronomical exhibits for different occasions

During these activities Ayaz have become the first and the most active astronomical society of Tabriz. Ayaz Astronomical Society got registered as an NGO (Non-Government Organization).

Since ancient times, astronomy science was popular among people, despite some astromoners were in Iran such as Nasir al-Din Tusi, Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi, Ab? al-Rayh?n Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-B?r?n?, Omar Khayyám and others, unfortunately nowadays people forgot this science and sky. But now amateur groups all over the world and in Iran reconstructed this science.

Ayaz Astronomical Society’s progresses during 7 years in Tabriz made a lot of improvement of this science among people, we hope that by resuming of this procedure, have a future that all people are amateur astronomers.



Location:Tabriz, East Azarbayjan, 0098
Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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