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The Gruppo Astrofili William Herschel (GAWH - William Herschel Astronomical Society) was founded in 1981,in Torino (Italy), and currently numbers some 25 members. Most members of the Society are actively involved in visual observation and astrophotography, with interests ranging from CCD, DLRS to planetary webcam imaging.The observation of deep sky objects, especially those less well known or those at the limit of the capabilities of one's telescope is an activity shared by many. Every year the Society organises a series of public lectures on a wide range of topics, sometimes taking the form of courses. In addition we collaborate with local councils and associations for the organisation of public lectures or observing sessions (for example, on occasion of eclipses, Venus transit or during the apparition of comets). Finally, the Society occasionally collaborates with various Italian astronomy magazines, such as Coelum, Le Stelle and Nuovo Orione.


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