Register Your GAM Event

To register your event you must be be logged in to an AWB user account. Just click to register your event here. If you are not logged in you'll be taken to a page where you can log in or create an AWB user account before going on to the event registration page.

For detailed information on how to register your event, click on the "How to Register Your Event" Instruction page

Important Notes for Successful Registration:

  1. GAM events should be within the Global Astronomy Month dates of 1 - 30 April. If you have an event outside of these dates that is part of the Global Astronomy Month celebration please contact Jennie McCormick.
  2. Check your Google Map 'push pin' placement once your event has been registered. If it is not placed correctly, first double-check the address you have entered for errors. You can also move the pin on the Google Map until it is correctly placed.

Questions? Write to Jennie McCormick.

Event Calendar and Search

There are many ways to search and see lists of GAM events.  Be sure to use the buttons at the top to search within a category and to see different dates and date ranges.

Be sure to check the Global Program Schedule for programs by AWB and its partners.  Many do not appear in the individual event listings.

Search for a specific event.  Enter any search text such as your city or a group's name.

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