Astronomers Without Borders and its partners brought a rich schedule of programs and events to Global Astronomy Month 2012, all designed to inform and inspire the public throughout the world. Below the major programs and events listed by date. For more information on each program, click on the highlighted links.

Date / Time


23 March to 27 April IASC Asteroid Search Campaign
1 April SunDay
1 to 7 April Lunar Week
1 to 22 April International Earth and Sky Photo Contest
7 to 8 April In the Interstices of Life (astroart video presentation)
8 April Bats & Radio Astronomy (live presentation)
11 to 20 April Globe at Night
12 April Yuri's Night
14 to 15 April Spiral Galaxy (video presentation)
14 to 20 April International Dark Skies Week
15 April Saturn Watch (Beauty without Borders)
20 April World Night in Defence of the Starlight
21 April (deadline)
Celebrate Starlight MoonBounce
21 to 22 April Lyrids Watch (Meteors without Borders)
21 to 22 April Neurostar (astroart video presentation)
23 April Around the Ringed Planet (remote observing event)
24 April Cosmic Depths (remote observing event)
26 April Online Messier Marathon (remote observing event)
27 April Walking on the Moon (remote observing event)
28 April Global Star Party
28 April Opticks (live moonbounce event)
29 April Cosmic Concert (live musical concert)
29 April Stars for All (remote observing event)
30 April Write Your Name in The Sky (remote observing event)
Throughout April Astropoetry Contest for GAM2012
Throughout April Programs for Planetariums
Throughout April Programs for People with Disabilities
Throughout April 30 Nights of Star Peace
Throughout April MicroObservatory Astrophotography Contest
Throughout April Olympicosmopoetriada for GAM2012
Throughout April The Sky in Your Hands