Amateur Astronomers Association of Guyana

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We're an informal group seeking to bring the gorgeous dark skies under Guyana to our people and the world.

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Nov 20

2018 Christmas Star Party

We held a successful Christmas star party last year (2018). There was approximately 40 guests who showed up, though at differing time intervals. We had four telescopes that were assembled,...

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Nov 20

Summer 2019 Competition

Our 2019 summer astronomy competition focused on essays arguing for why Guyana needs to preserve its dark skies. Below is the winning essayist who won herself a 70mm refractor telescope...

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Jun 15

Star Party at the Seawall in Georgetown

Guyana has gorgeous dark skies. So naturally, it would be ideal for star parties. A star party is when a group of people gather to observe the wonders of the...

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