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----- Overview -----
Dynamic network clubs , founded in 1 octobre 2017 , is the initiative that began with a desire to get directly involved to develop our talents and to take an active hand in our experience.
Each Dynamic club is formed by students’ proposals and ambitions to create something new and useful for themselves and the future students.----- Vision -----
+ Strengthen the youth dynamisme
+ Promote leadership
+ Preserve and improve the role of the university in developing youth capacities----- Goals ----- 
+ Add value to students knowledge and skills
+ Boost students participation in the university activities
+ Sensitize students to their role as active citizens
+ Empower students to take responsability, innovate and ameliorate their communication abilities 
+ Consolidate the culture of volunteering and working together as good practices----- Outlines -----
+ Academic field : Dynamic network clubs strives to enhance the academic competencies of students by trainings, competitions and forums 
+ Art and culture : Dynamic network clubs creates exclusive cultural atmosphere in the university through regular and diverse events mainly for promoting different forms of culture and artistic creations.
+ communication : Dynamic network clubs provides communication area with opportunities for Clubs’ members to exchange knowledge and share experiences, such as debate programs that have become one of the most useful trends.
+ Entrepreneurship : the greatest challenge facing today's students is finding new and creative ways to enhance their integration into the professional life, Dynamic network clubs provides workshops and trainings that will develop their Entrepreneurship capacities.-------------------------
If you are interested in joining one of the Network Clubs please get in touch and we are sure that will be an excellent experience.


Location:B.P 244, Tunis 2092, Tunisie, Tunis
Email:Club Dynamic IPEIEM
Phone:+216 58155410

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