After a very hot week with temperatures reached to 47C degree! Finally the weather conditions became excellent.   Wonderful day it was!  When we went to Minara Park in the middle of Erbil city for our SWB3 activity, music was every where inside the park! That’s because French Cultural Center celebrated with World Music Day which it is on June 22 in every year. There were too many foreign guests from Germany, Japan, USA, Iran and France and from governorates of southern of Iraq.
AAAK's begin with its activity at 07:40 PM local by using 4.5 inch TASCO-Galaxsee and 2 inch Celestron C65 reflector telescopes.
Too many kids with variety ages where fully enjoyed specially to looking at the Moon, they asking why there are plenty of holes up there!! Also the first time looking to Saturn with its line shaped rings was unforgettable moment to every one joined us on that evening!



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