There was clouds, a heavy one right after noon of September 18.2010, it takes only few hours after a thunder storm with heavy showers, local dusty strong wind blow and then muddy rain! We were hopeless for a little while to see Moon again after cloudy dusk, but we decide to take the telescope inside Minara Central Park in Erbil city at 06:00 pm local. Inside the park there was too many people, they looks like waiting for an exciting event! And then…Clouds passed away and Moon light comes back again, the view of Moon through clouds and through the telescope was charming scene and makes the observation more delicious and put it in more dimensions too!

During that event, We made contact with our friends ( Nasir Al-Hashimi) from (Oman) and (Nazar Sallam) from (UAE) to congratulating each other for making this event as one cooperated team for the first time.

There were at least 500 persons at that wonderful night that was lucky to share with rest parts of the world to look and learn more about Earth's closet celestial object.


Report by: Azhy Hasan Photos by: Azhy and Aso Razzaq


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