Every year, peoples around the world remember the historical date of July 20 1969, when mankind make another dream become true after landing on the closest celestial object, the Moon.

For us in AAAK, this is not just scientific event, but it is a source of moving our emotions and always let us flies through the wonderful space between the words of conversation between the Apollo 11 crew and Huston. For this year we decide to inviting peoples to listening and watching that great tell of Man Landing on Moon documentary by presenting it on a big wide screen inside the Minara Park. The (BEEP) and (TALKING) of astronauts begins at 08:15 pm Iraqi local time. Gradually peoples gathered near the screen to know what is going there! …Wow! Some of old of them said! I remember that day but there was no live TV service at that time to watching this great and wonderful event. Children and some of young of them asking, what is this, can you explain it to us!
Beside this exciting show for the first time in Iraq to the public inside a park, there was a fascinating face of Moon for observing it…Guests from Baghdad, Samara, Diyala, Mosul, Najaf, Kirkuk cities and even away from Iraq, Romanian and American guests involved on this event and they also returned back to that day and enjoyed to observing the Surface of Moon which is still holding the tracks of whom walked on it's surface and left a message of peace and love from all mankind to the whole universe.
Really it was one of the most spectacular days in all our life.

Report and Photos by : Azhy Hasan


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