A Match under Starlight in Iraqi Kurdistan Region Finally after long time of announcing and preparing for it, here we are, in the day of play the match on July 7 2010. Players arrived and before the match beginning we made a small opining ceremony, standing with respect beside the flags of the countries that agree to joining in that activity and listening to their national anthems, even if they couldn't made it for a reason or another, still they are AWB's most active people!

It was not just a game, it was a massage of peace from our injured country to the world, and here we are, still playing and observing for peace, friendship and love, proving to every body that Iraq has another bright face away from horror, sorrows and tears.
The match begins at 06:30 and finished at 07:30 pm in Kurdistan private playground in Erbil city by penalty kicks, after that, players invited to observing Saturn for the first time. It was really must wonderful experience in all our life, as amateur astronomers to playing football and for the players when they looked at Saturn with its rings, all of these wonderful minutes in few most pleasure hours.

Report by: Azhy Hasan Photos by: Azhy and Nareman Sayeed

Video compiled by Azhy Hasan:


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