It was truly very wonderful evening and very different than in the (InOMN) event at 09/18/2010.
Jupiter, was at the closest point to Earth on 20 and 09.21.2010 and the title of this activity was (Let's Welcome the Giant), and proudly joined us (Emirates mobile Astronomical Observatory) which designed and made by the pride of amateur astronomers (Nizar Sallam) and the active astronomical researcher from Bahrain (Ali Al-Hijre), who also initiated the process of monitoring Jupiter at that evening.
 Before beginning, I made a Skype contact with (Mike Simmons), president of  (Astronomers without Borders) and with active amateur astronomer (John Chamberlin) in United States fro a short time before the communication unfortunately cutting between us due to the bad    Internet connections in our region!.
We start our observation for Jupiter at 8 pm to 10 pm at night at the (Minara central park) in Erbil. There were too many participants from various ages and from all Iraqi governorates also guests from Iran as well.



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