In a series of cultural and scientifically activities held by the (French Cultural Center) of   (the French consulate in Erbil), the Centre make an unique exhibition on 10/13/2010 entitled (Sky: "Mirror of Cultures" - Ciel, Miroir des Cultures) brought together a collection of paintings, manuscripts, ancient astrological which reflect the ideas and opinions and beliefs of different civilizations on astronomy and cosmology in general around the world. This was in collaboration with (Astronomical Society of France) and in coordination with the (University of Salahuddin) in Erbil.

After the opening ceremony… Mr. Boris Bouillon, the French ambassador in Iraq meets with Azhy Hasan, president of the AAAK and said:
"I am truly very pleased to meeting for the first time with members of the AAAK in     Iraq, and I thank you all to for coming and joining us in this wonderful event. I hope you have benefited from aspects of scientific, cultural of this exhibition, and so on occasions strengthen relations and open up prospects for mutual understanding and convergence among all peoples, and we pledge of now onwards with the support astronomers in Iraq in general and your association in particular. So now we invite you to visit France and their astronomical establishments to strengthen mutual cooperation between our two peoples. "

In response to the difficulty of obtaining a visa and difficulties of travel to and from France to attend any scientific astronomical events, especially after that deprive us from attending the opening ceremony of the International Year of Astronomical 2009 in Paris in January 2009, he added:
"No, that has passed has passed! From now onwards we will be continue and will support you completely and you will visiting Paris very soon!"

On the other hand, Miss (Amélie Banzet) the head of (the French Cultural Center) in Erbil saying:
"We thank your presence permanent in our activities, especially the latter, which fought the area of your association, and we are ready to support your active association and we will arrange a special meeting to develop a special scientific- educational program between our and your association to make this show moving between schools, institutes and colleges of the Kurdistan Region to allow for the greatest number possible fan of space and astronomy and the history of peoples access to these images and astronomical manuscripts and utilize them to develop ideas and exchange information about what it was ancient astronomy"



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