"Whatever happens and whatever wounded and separated, but we are in the last one family and now we met again!" said Mona Anbar, the astronomer researcher from Kuwait.

One People, One Sky

Azhy Hasan and Mona Anber


Azhy Hasan with Al-Saqaibi

"As an professional astronomer, I am full ready to supporting you and whole projects that presenting by Astronomers Without Borders at side and which Amateur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan/ Iraq planning to made it, from now and on we will representing Kuwait on both of them, and also I would like to telling you that Kuwait is now and always your second home, you are always warmly welcomed to visiting us someday, and also we visiting you after all what happened" Also Mona said.
Words in a sentences, that has shown, it indicates the emergence of a new dawn of hope and love after a long night, long years of parting and pain among not only between two people or two families but between two peoples and two nations burned with the fire of passions and conflicts of one person tried to burn gardens of flowers, lawns of vegetation to cultivated the seeds of hatred and revenge.

Sentences in which it started this short article is born from the spirit of a person of Kuwait was liberated from the walls of conflict and division, flew to the peaks as a dove peace and reached the stars in the map of the sky, there and after 20 years of pain of separation and of distance met again lives were and still be around singing songs of love and harmony and has long been the dream reunion because they were not to insure dimension separation eternal and of distance permafrost, which has long dreamed of enemies, She broke the distance and torn papers of a miserable story which was heard in all corners of the two wounded countries throughout the years.

Yeah ... how much I've been waiting for this meeting! And it as been accomplished without very easily! Because this was God's will, to meet and open a new page of love between Iraq and Kuwait after the separation and deep suffering ... We have said enough of the tears and let's light the candles and sing songs of return and Unification again.

After the 4th Arab Forum for Amateur Astronomy and Space Sciences, which was held in the resort of Kafr Al-Jannah in province of Aleppo in Syria between 1-4 August 2010 … Iraqi and Kuwaitis drawing the together a great mural of love and loyalty and made this time from the sky and the stars bridges of relations in spite of all wounds, which began heal and disappear forever ... and this is only the beginning..

"And now, we want to learn from Iraqi amateur astronomers more about the methods of relations after you made great goals through IYA2009 and beyond, I can't feel that there was any thing between us after we met for the first time in Syria…I am so glad to see you and meeting with the rest of our brothers of Iraq" Said Badr Nasir Al-Saqaibi, an amateur astronomer from Kuwait and one of forum's participants." I will be so proud if you accepting me as a student and learning more and more from Iraqi Kurdistan astronomers" Also Badr said.

- by Azhy Hasan (AWB NC for Iraq)


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