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Member Reports from Joe Bindhardt

Apr 12

2 Astro Guests for moon like Few times

During the Only(!!!) clear predicted evening. ing of the week during the perfect moonphase. Read More...

Feb 14

1 Guest for deepsky & moon

The pastor came to watch with me ngc2903, Iwamoto & then the moon. Photo was Too Dark. Read More...

Jan 19

2 Astro Guests for moon

Pastor & Mrs Parker watching with me the moon 3 evenings before lunar eclipse Read More...

Jan 05

Comet Not possible, But Great Orion neb. & Pleiades

Due to Power Failure of ngc max, Optical aiming of these 2 objects were possible at the church. After Longlasting clouds. Read More...

Sep 18

2 AstroGuests

When the pastor looked thro bino, his wife looked thro telescope & vice versa after i aimed the telescope at moon, saturn & mars. Read More...

Aug 04

Solar eclipse poem English/German, Solar Eclipse German Sonnenfinsternis Appreviated Sofi

English, IF Hopefully Clear & i Can see solar eclipse at St Joe, There's No Danger of Tears, But songs & Cappuccino. German, Wenn Hoffentlich Kaine Wolken ausdehnen & ich kann sehenSofi in St Joe, Dann, Keine Gefahr von Traenen, Sondern Lieder & Cappuccino. Read More...

Jun 17

Men & boys not only father & son churchcamp with astronomy fatherday weekend

First time Enjoying camping With astronomy Since 1998 & 2000, But Lo & Behold, my telescope & bino were Again(!!) the Only(!!!) optics!! But that's Faar Better then No one At All!! ll!! Read More...

Jun 14

Microgroup of astronomers First Premiere Since Lasst year July 9.

First Premiere With my telescope y telescope & 2(!!) other astronomers with telescopes Since 2015 Aug. 22.!! GutenTaghi Savadeeca Thai girl looking Read More...

Apr 24

100% Overcast Until Latest Afternoon, Therefore No(!!) group astronomy At All!!!

Only with my friend on our balcony when the clouds Finally broke, were 4 sunspots visible!! Before that, Only spaceweath er!! Read More...

Apr 08

Jupiter opposition 2017 April 7. yellow large xt8

Never before was i able to capture Any planet as large as this time, because i was able to hold the lens on smartphone to ocular. Read More...

Dec 08

The dove Still Continued to Dwell on the roof, but i had sparroweggs in my hand

Last Sunday evening, when it was Finallly clear during waxing moon & on the left mars, did some people of the church look thro' my t elescope, Bu No one else brought Any optical aids, so Only my telescope & binos were used then & there Read More...

Nov 15

Superfulmoon rise in the air and on the ground

While i had Partout No chance of flying a Real plane from Switzerland Beckenried near Buochs all the way over Zurich by night to the lake, did i steer a Real scenery flightsim. Perfect moonrise, Afterward, when the real moonrise Broke thro the clouds, i filmed it & made snapshot on editing software. Read More...

Jul 17

Finallly the dove was in my hand, Instead of on the roof in Boulder & Denver Colorado!!

First Premiere of (almost) Clear weather in Boulder, Friday July 8!!! The planest were Partout Not sharp, but visible. In Denver Co. were they Finally sharp! 20" & 11.5" telescope. The 20" in the dome, the 11.5" portable. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Read More...

Jun 10

ISS near Jupiter then mars

When it was Finally clear again, i was able to Catch the iss near Jupiter, flying on to Mars, before having left the sunlight. But i was Not able to Catch with the cam. Antares Nor could i film saturn sharp! Seeliger effect was past Read More...

May 27

Mars Partout Not round, but larger

Finally clear a few hours, so i Caught mars, Beautiful!! Even Tho Not round, but variations of shades, darker in the middle, it was Impossible to make it sharp enough, to see details beyond brighter outside & darker in the middle Read More...

May 21

Mars green for contest

Now i Try, whether i can Insert mars 2 nights before opposition, Since today's solar group Failed 100% due to Clouds! Hopefully i can That way insert mars! Read More...

May 20

Mars Contest

Mars now Far more West compared to before. For my mother's sake is date reversed. I Tried to insert mars thro' telescope, But Only the 2 Without telescope landed in the report!! How can i insert mars photo?? Hopefullly it Finally worked!!! Read More...

May 12

Mars Contest

Since i read about Mars Contest, i watch during clear nights, noticed marsmove east above Antares, Then West Read More...